Will rising interest rates decimate startup valuations?

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Hello and invited backmost to Equity, a podcast astir the concern of startups, wherever we unpack the numbers and nuance down the headlines.

This is Saturday, which means it’s not a usual time for america to driblet an episode. But what are we if not try-hards astatine heart? So, we’re backmost today.

What bash we person connected store for you? I brought Anshu Sharma onto the podcast — and a Twitter space, truthful marque definite you are pursuing the podcast, yeah? — to chat involvement rates, exertion growth, startup valuations, and however they each necktie together. Sharma was the close idiosyncratic to person connected the amusement due to the fact that he’s been a large tech worker (Oracle, Salesforce), an capitalist (Storm Ventures, and arsenic an angel), and he’s a laminitis to boot. So he’s been astir not conscionable the block, but respective successful the satellite of exertion implicit time.

TechCrunch has covered SkyFlow, his startup, a fewer times including its astir caller fundraise.

Sharma finds immoderate of the in-market interest astir rising rates harming tech stocks silly. His thesis boils down to the worth of maturation connected a longer time-horizon than what a DCF-tuned spreadsheet mightiness archer you. That said, rising rates volition interaction immoderate startup inputs, similar task funds successful the medium-term, truthful determination was a batch to chew on.

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The pod is backmost connected Tuesday owed to an American vacation this Monday. Chat soon!

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