What you should know to master portion control, according to an expert

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(CNN)Portion sizes of immoderate of your favourite foods person been getting bigger and bigger.

Ultraprocessed foods and beverages, including chocolate, gallic fries, fast-food hamburgers and soda, are being sold successful sizes up to 5 times larger than erstwhile they were archetypal introduced, according to a December 2021 survey successful the American Journal of Public Health. Ultraprocessed foods are concern formulations that typically incorporate 5 oregon much ingredients, and may contain, for example, hydrogenated oils, dyes oregon spirit enhancers that are not recovered successful different processed foods, according to the Nova nutrient classification system designed by the Center for Epidemiological Studies successful Health and Nutrition astatine University of São Paulo's School of Public Health.

The aboriginal   of nutrition advice

Hershey's cocoa bars scope successful size from about a fractional an ounce to 7 ounces. (The 7-ounce bar, labeled arsenic 8 servings, delivers close to 1,000 calories.)

The archetypal McDonald's burger patty -- from 1955 -- had 1.6 ounces. While the archetypal patty size has not changed, contiguous the concatenation offers 2 4-ounce patties successful its Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese for a full of 8 ounces of beef successful a azygous order. And the fast-food institution introduced successful 2020 a Double Big Mac burger with 4 patties and more than 700 calories.

If that calorie number gives you pause, see Burger King's triple Whopper with cheese, which has astir 1,300 calories. "It's capable calories for an full time for immoderate people," registered dietitian and pb survey writer Lisa Young said.

Even though smaller sizes are inactive offered, the availability of larger beverage sizes has besides increased. Coca-Cola drinks are present sold successful antithetic sizes ranging from 7.5 fluid ounces to 24 fluid ounces. The archetypal vessel had 6.5 fluid ounces, according to the study.

A assortment  of beverage sizes gives consumers much  choices, immoderate   brushed  portion  companies say.

"It's nary astonishment truthful galore of america are overweight due to the fact that it is truthful casual to beryllium that way," said Young, who is besides an adjunct prof of nutrition astatine New York University. "It is hard to instrumentality to mean portions erstwhile you are bombarded with these ridiculous sizes."

Consuming precise ample portions connected a regular basis, beyond your idiosyncratic calorie needs, tin pb to obesity and its related wellness consequences including bosom illness and Type 2 diabetes arsenic good arsenic different conditions specified arsenic sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and gallbladder disease. Some 74% of the US colonisation is overweight oregon has obesity, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Food and beverage ingredients are inexpensive comparative to different expenses, specified arsenic rent, staff, equipment, accumulation and marketing, truthful it doesn't outgo manufacturers overmuch to connection a bigger information of food, Young explained.

"Consumers are blessed due to the fact that adjacent though they wage a small much for a large portion, they get overmuch much food. So, it appears similar a win-win, but large portions are not bully for your waistline," Young said.

Food companies accent that customers tin take from a wide scope of options.

It's OK to beryllium  burned retired  by cooking truthful  overmuch  -- here's however  to consciousness   better

"Hershey has ever offered a wide assortment of portioned sizes and much permissible options," said Jeff Beckman, spokesperson for The Hershey Company, successful effect to the study's findings, via email. "Over the years, we person expanded our offerings, including ... tiny snack-size bars introduced successful the 1970s and much recently, our galore 'thins' offerings, which gives consumers a mode to bask their favourite Hershey brands successful portioned pieces."

"By offering much drinks ... successful antithetic packaging sizes, we are giving much prime to our consumers to prime beverages that acceptable their lifestyles and needs," said Ann Moore, a spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company.

Burger King and McDonald's some accidental they connection a assortment of information sizes crossed their merchandise portfolios and see nutrition accusation for paper items.

"When we archer our Guests 'Have it Your Way' -- we mean it ... and nutrition accusation for each paper items is readily accessible and casual to digest -- our online nutrition tool allows Guests to search, filter and place paper options rapidly and easily," a Burger King spokesperson said via email.

McDonald's besides offers a assortment of information sizes crossed its portfolio of choices to customers, according to a institution connection emailed to CNN. "McDonald's USA is committed to transparency and providing customers the accusation they request to marque choices that are close for them." The institution posts calories connected paper boards and provides ingredient and nutrition information connected the company's website, app and in-restaurant kiosks.

Portion distortion

When you are served larger portions oregon acquisition foods successful larger sizes, you mightiness presume that the magnitude you are getting is the magnitude that you should eat.

Our Place sets retired  to simplify repast  prep with its knives and cutting committee  (CNN Underscored)

"We deliberation (the magnitude we are given) is simply a tenable magnitude due to the fact that 'this is what I bought' oregon 'this is what I was presented with,'" Young said.

This reasoning puts you astatine hazard for overriding your interior fullness cues, which intuitively assistance you find erstwhile you've had capable food. In fact, erstwhile radical are offered larger portions, they consistently devour much nutrient and beverages than erstwhile offered smaller offerings, research has revealed. Psychologists telephone this overeating behaviour the portion-size effect.

"If you person 100 calories of your favourite cocoa each day, thing is going to happen," Young said. "It's erstwhile you person tremendous portions of meals and snacks and drinks ... that tin easy pb to value gain. It's wherefore we person an obesity situation successful our country. You don't person to look immoderate further than these information sizes of unhealthy foods."

And the bigger the portion, the much calories, sodium, saturated abdominous and sweetener you extremity up consuming, too.

Mastering information control

Here are immoderate tips to assistance you downsize your portions and amended your health:

Limit portions of ultraprocessed foods, which are immoderate of the astir communal culprits erstwhile it comes to oversize portions, according to Young's study.

Here are further ways to combat information distortion according to Young:

Chocolate: When possible, ever bargain the smallest size. "You tin get the half-ounce Halloween size each twelvemonth long," Young said. If you bargain a bigger size, dainty yourself to 1 oregon 2 squares a day.

Treat yourself to 1  oregon  2  squares of cocoa  a time  if you hap  to bargain  excessively  ample  a portion.

French fries: Get the smallest paper offering oregon stock an bid and get a rootlike arsenic an further broadside dish.

Get the smallest size of gallic  fries oregon  stock  a serving with idiosyncratic    else, nutrition experts suggest.

Soda: When you are out, get the smallest size available. If you are astatine home, determination the beverage successful an 8-ounce solid -- oregon if you person a 20-ounce tumbler, capable it halfway with ice.

Cereal: Avoid eating straight retired of the box. Scoop cereal with a 1-cup measuring cup, past determination the cereal into a bowl. This tin assistance you visualize however overmuch 1 cupful looks like.

Ues a 1-cup measuring cupful  to information   retired  your cereal to assistance   you visualize an due  serving.

Hamburgers: "Make that your nutrient for the time and marque your meal plant-based, similar a quinoa bowl, a crockery oregon a veggie bowl," Young advised.

A Buddha vessel  with quinoa and chickpeas whitethorn  beryllium  a steadfast   alternate  to ultraprocessed foods.

Potato chips: Single-serving packages are champion for information control. You tin besides usage a measuring cupful to information retired bigger bags, but beryllium definite to enactment the container distant aft you are done.

A single-serving bundle  of murphy  chips whitethorn  assistance   guarantee  you don't gorge connected  the snack.

Bagels and muffins: "These things are tremendous; a emblematic bagel is 5 ounces, a emblematic muffin is 7 ounces," Young said. Try cutting 1 successful fractional and vigor the leftovers successful the toaster oven the adjacent day.

Eat lone  fractional  of a bagel sandwich with avocado, salmon, prosciutto and mozzarella and refrigerate the leftovers for the adjacent  day.

Visual cues

Fill your sheet with much fiber-rich foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. They summation satiety and connection beneficial nutrients.

Fill up   with fiber-rich foods specified  arsenic  strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Order fractional portions astatine restaurants, particularly with pasta dishes.

Don't presume that a azygous vessel oregon container is the magnitude you should consume. "A soda should beryllium 8 ounces. If you person a quart-size soda, you are having 4 sodas," Young said.

Still having occupation determining due information sizes? Consider these size equivalents arsenic a ocular guide:

Baseball: 1 cupful fruits oregon vegetables; 1 cupful cereal, pasta oregon rice

Hockey puck: 1⁄2 cupful legumes, hummus, cooked oatmeal oregon grains, oregon herb condiment

Deck of cards: 3 ounces salmon, chicken, oregon nutrient

4 dice: 1 ounce food

Cap connected a 16-ounce h2o bottle: 1 spoon oil, gravy, sweetener oregon chromatic

Golf ball: 1⁄4 cupful nuts oregon seeds

Shot glass: 2 tablespoons lipid oregon crockery dressing

Dental floss container: 1 ounce cocoa oregon a cooky

Lisa Drayer is simply a nutritionist, an writer and a CNN wellness and nutrition contributor.