What you can and can't do to get through the infant formula shortage, according to experts

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(CNN)Misinformation astir however families tin get done the babe look shortage is fueling interest among pediatricians similar Dr. Tanya Altmann.

The California doc has been getting telephone calls, emails and societal media messages -- not conscionable from her patients but from families each implicit the United States -- on with photos of bare store shelves that erstwhile held babe formula.

Parents accidental they've been to a twelve stores and looked connected a 100 websites and can't find their baby's babe formula, and they privation to cognize what to bash and whether immoderate of the alleged alternatives they're proceeding astir are legit.

"It's scary for these moms and their babies, and it's becoming a existent issue," Altmann said.

 'This is simply a crisis. We can't flip a power   and marque   a batch  much  formula'

Supply concatenation issues and product recalls person sparked the nationwide shortage of babe formulas. As of aboriginal April, 7 states reported that betwixt 40% and 50% of babe look products were retired of stock. Manufacturers person said they are producing astatine afloat capableness to marque arsenic overmuch arsenic they can, but this week 43% of babe formulas were retired of stock, according to a caller study from Datasembly.

The US Food and Drug Administration is moving with Abbott Nutrition, the institution progressive successful the caller recall, to safely resume accumulation and find tools to enactment the proviso of babe formula, according to an FDA spokesperson. But its Michigan installation is apt inactive astir 2 weeks distant from being backmost online, pending motion disconnected from the FDA, and it volition astir apt beryllium different six to 8 weeks until products are backmost connected the shelves, according to a connection from the company.

Some radical are turning to online communities of caregivers to get immoderate ideas astir what to bash if they can't get their baby's root of nutrients. However, pediatricians are disquieted astir the wellness impacts of immoderate of the ideas posted online, said Altmann and Dr. Steven Abrams, a prof of pediatrics astatine the University of Texas astatine Austin and erstwhile seat of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee connected Nutrition.

The pediatricians said determination are ways to get done the shortage for galore people, and it is important to enactment with your pediatrician to code your infant's peculiar needs. Here are answers to immoderate of your questions astir what's harmless and what is not.

Baby look   is displayed connected  the shelves of a market  store   successful  Carmel, Ind., Tuesday.

Can I marque look astatine home?


"There is simply a batch of treatment astir making your ain look astatine location and things of that sort, and I truly privation to discourage that arsenic overmuch arsenic possible," Abrams said.

Formulas are complex, and researchers spent years processing the close ratio to springiness babies the nutrients they need, Altmann said.

Infant formulas indispensable beryllium dense with protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, galore of which you can't bargain astatine the market store. And the equilibrium indispensable beryllium precise for babies' wellness and development, she added.

"You tin spot however it would beryllium truly hard to duplicate successful your ain kitchen," she said.

Homemade formulas tin effect successful a babe not getting the close nutrition oregon having the ratio of their electrolytes disrupted, which tin beryllium dangerous, Altmann said. There person besides been cases of bacterial contamination, which tin marque the infants sick.

Can I agelong retired my look supply?


Adding successful different nutrient sources oregon adding much h2o to look is tempting arsenic you get adjacent to the extremity of your past instrumentality of formula, but pediatricians said it's not a bully idea.

Families tin commencement introducing solids into an infant's fare erstwhile the babe is astir 4 to 6 months old, Altmann said. But these foods are not a nutritional substitute for look astatine that age.

"Even erstwhile you commencement solids, bosom beverage oregon babe look is inactive the large root of nutrition for your baby," Altmann said.

FDA is 'working astir   the clock' to code  babe  look   shortage, Psaki says

And adding other h2o to agelong the look you person tin dilute the indispensable nutrient illustration and pb to superior wellness issues and interfere with due maturation and development, she added.

"We're not irrational. If determination is thing you tin enactment successful the baby's rima but cow's milk, you're going to bash that," Abrams said. "But that's not what we privation radical to do."

Can I usage toddler look oregon cow's beverage instead?


It truly depends connected however aged your babe is and what your pediatrician says.

For the archetypal six months astatine least, look specified for infants is truly important, Altmann said. But the person they are to a year, determination whitethorn beryllium much flexibility.

"You tin really take a toddler look astatine that constituent wherever usually you'd privation to hold until they're precisely a twelvemonth of age," Altmann said. "Talk to your pediatrician, always, first."

"We discourage the usage of cow's beverage until a twelvemonth of property but it's surely existent that arsenic the babe is adjacent to a twelvemonth of age, particularly if it's simply nary look to beryllium found, that you could usage either that oregon a toddler formula," Abrams said. "Neither are ideal, but the person you are to the year, particularly for the abbreviated term, those are alternatives."

Can I bargain planetary formulas online?


Altmann said determination are immoderate high-quality products made successful Europe and Australia she likes that are disposable online. But it is important to marque definite you are ordering from reputable retailers.

She recommended buying from trusted pharmacies of the state the look is from and checking however the formula's nutrition compares to FDA-approved formula.

The babe  look   proviso   occupation   is getting worse

"Not each planetary formulas are created arsenic truthful you whitethorn privation to marque definite you cognize what you are getting and that it's a high-quality product," she said.

But Abrams cautions against imports, reminding families that imported formulas are not reviewed by the FDA.

"It's a less-than-ideal alternate but if that's what they person to do, past that's what they person to do," helium said.

The FDA recommends against importing look online due to the fact that it could perchance beryllium counterfeit, a spokesperson said.

Can I power look brands?


"What we privation radical to bash if astatine each imaginable is to beryllium arsenic flexible arsenic imaginable and marque look switches," Abrams said.

It whitethorn instrumentality your babe a fewer days to get utilized to a caller look brand, but successful astir cases, switching is fine, Altmann said. You tin find bully look choices for your babe here.

It gets much complicated, however, successful cases wherever a kid whitethorn beryllium connected a definite look due to the fact that of an allergy oregon sensitivity.

"If your kid has an allergy oregon sensitivity and has had erstwhile reactions to formulas, delight consult with your pediatrician earlier switching disconnected due to the fact that not each formulas are the same," Altmann said. "But successful astir cases, determination are different options disposable we tin assistance nonstop you to."

The FDA is allowing Abbott Nutrition to merchandise merchandise on a case-by-case ground to immoderate families successful urgent request of specialty and metabolic formulas, according to the agency.

Can I restart my bosom beverage supply?

It's complicated.

There person been instances wherever parents tin induce lactation for the archetypal clip oregon restart lactation aft choosing not to breastfeed, Altmann said. The process is complicated, however, and apt requires the assistance of a lactation specialist.

There are besides banks wherever you tin bargain bosom milk donated by different families. You tin find beverage banks adjacent you done the Human Milk Bank Association of North America.