US readies $1bn weapons package for Ukraine: Report

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Package, which could beryllium confirmed connected Monday, is expected to see munitions for long-range systems and armoured aesculapian vehicles.

Published On 6 Aug 2022

The United States is preparing a caller $1bn information assistance bundle for Ukraine, which volition see munitions for long-range weapons and armoured aesculapian transport vehicles, according the Reuters quality agency.

The bundle would beryllium 1 of the largest truthful acold and is expected to beryllium announced arsenic aboriginal arsenic Monday, 3 sources briefed connected the substance told Reuters.

The US has fixed astir $8.8bn successful assistance to Ukraine since Russia’s penetration connected February 24.

The officials, speaking to Reuters connected the information of anonymity, said that President Joe Biden had not yet signed the adjacent weapons package, and cautioned that weapons packages tin alteration successful worth and contented earlier they are signed.

However, if signed successful its existent form, it would beryllium valued astatine $1bn and see ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), and National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) arsenic good arsenic immoderate 50 M113 armoured aesculapian transports.

The Pentagon precocious announced Ukrainians would beryllium allowed to person aesculapian attraction astatine a US subject infirmary successful Germany adjacent Ramstein aerial base.

Himars(Al Jazeera)

Last Monday, the Pentagon announced a abstracted information assistance bundle for Ukraine valued astatine up to $550 million, which besides included further ammunition for HIMARS.

The White House declined to remark connected the package.

HIMARS play a cardinal relation successful the conflict betwixt Ukraine and Russia, which has settled into a war of attrition fought primarily in the eastbound and southbound of Ukraine.

Moscow is trying to gain control of the mostly Russian-speaking Donbas, comprised of Luhansk and Donetsk provinces, wherever pro-Moscow separatists seized territory aft the Kremlin annexed Crimea to the southbound successful 2014.

So acold the United States has sent 16 HIMARS to Ukraine and connected July 1 promised to nonstop 2 NASAMS.

The armored unit carriers outfitted with aesculapian instrumentality could marque the combat with Russia much survivable for Ukrainian troops who could past beryllium sent to Germany for further aesculapian treatment.

The Kyiv authorities said successful June that 100 to 200 Ukrainian troops were being killed each time connected the battlefield.