UN Security Council condemns killing of Shireen Abu Akleh

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Council besides calls for contiguous and impartial probe into the decease of the Al Jazeera writer who was changeable earlier this week.

Published On 14 May 2022

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously condemned the sidesplitting of Palestinian American Al Jazeera writer Shireen Abu Akleh successful the occupied West Bank, according to diplomats.

The statement, a uncommon lawsuit of Security Council unity connected an contented related to Israel, besides called for “an immediate, thorough, transparent, and impartial investigation” into her death.

The UN’s Human Rights Office has besides called for a thorough and autarkic investigation into the killing, saying it mightiness represent a warfare crime.

According to diplomats who spoke to AFP quality bureau connected information of anonymity, the negotiations successful the Security Council connected Friday were peculiarly arduous.

China successfully pushed the United States to region paragraphs condemning abuses committed against the media astir the world, defending their state and urging their extortion portion covering subject operations, according to diplomatic sources and antithetic versions of the declaration obtained by AFP during the discussions.

The last substance said that “journalists should beryllium protected arsenic civilians”.

Abu Akleh, an internationally respected seasoned writer for Al Jazeera, was shot by Israeli equipped forces arsenic she covered a raid connected the Jenin exile campy successful the occupied West Bank. She was wearing a helmet and a vest that intelligibly identified her arsenic a journalist.

The Security Council connection made nary notation of the unit during Friday’s ceremonial for Abu Akleh.

Television footage showed pallbearers struggling to forestall Abu Akleh’s coffin from falling to the crushed arsenic baton-wielding Israeli constabulary officers charged astatine them, grabbing Palestinian flags from mourners.

The attacks were condemned by Al Jazeera arsenic “a country that violates each norms and planetary laws”.

The Israeli subject said its archetypal probe into Abu Akleh’s decease showed that a dense firefight was nether mode successful Jenin astir 200 metres (about 220 yards) from wherever she was killed, but that it was incapable to find whether she was changeable by Israeli forces oregon Palestinian fighters.

In a connection issued connected Friday, the subject said Palestinian gunmen recklessly fired hundreds of rounds astatine an Israeli subject vehicle, immoderate successful the absorption of wherever Abu Akleh was standing. It said Israeli forces returned fire, and that without doing ballistic analysis, it was not capable to find who was liable for her death.

Reporters who were with Abu Akleh, including 1 who was changeable and wounded, said there were nary clashes oregon fighters successful the contiguous country erstwhile she was killed.

Al Jazeera has accused Israel of “blatant murder” and has called for an autarkic probe into her death.

The UN experts noted that Abu Akleh’s sidesplitting came amid rising unit successful the occupied West Bank and Gaza successful caller years.

Last year, according to the statement, marked the highest fig of Palestinian deaths resulting from confrontations with Israelis since 2014. It besides came amid a precocious complaint of attacks against Palestinian journalists.