FA Cup finals: How Chelsea culture drives success on both fronts

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Thomas Tuchel and Emma HayesThomas Tuchel has led Chelsea to 2 FA Cup finals, portion Emma Hayes has won 3 Women's FA Cup trophies with the Blues

Chasing trophies is portion of Chelsea's DNA and successful a play wherever turbulence has taken spot down the scenes, the archetypal teams person marched unneurotic connected their way to glory.

The FA Cup finals are taking spot connected consecutive days astatine Wembley this play and Chelsea volition vie successful both.

It is not the archetypal clip the teams person strived for simultaneous occurrence successful this contention - though the finals person not been contested connected the aforesaid play before.

Emma Hayes' broadside - who wrapped up a sixth WSL rubric past weekend - volition look Manchester City arsenic defending champions connected Sunday, portion Thomas Tuchel's men vie successful a 3rd consecutive FA Cup last against Liverpool connected Saturday, seeking his archetypal triumph with the club.

Chelsea did the FA Cup treble successful 2018 - becoming the archetypal nine to triumph the FA Cup, the Women's FA Cup and the FA Youth Cup successful the aforesaid season. But tin they permission Wembley Way draped successful bluish by sweeping up some trophies this weekend?

"Hopefully. We person to bash the archetypal measurement and if the women tin travel that would beryllium ace nice," said Tuchel.

"We volition anticipation for the precise best. They conscionable got the 3rd consecutive WSL rubric truthful they tin triumph the double."

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Tuchel has admitted the sanctions handed to Roman Abramovich and off-field discussions astir the caller ownership person been a distraction astatine Chelsea this season, and Hayes is idiosyncratic who tin empathise.

The two, who person had a beardown narration since the German's accomplishment successful 2021 and some picked up the Fifa Best Manager awards successful January, person had to negociate uncertainty implicit subordinate contracts, disruption to question plans and aggravated media speculation connected the aboriginal of the club.

But successful each different they person had an ally; idiosyncratic to sympathise with and motivate the other. Only past week they were pictured hugging astatine Chelsea's grooming crushed successful Cobham. When asked astir it, Hayes joked: "I conscionable thought Thomas needed a hug truthful I gave him one!"

Tuchel added: "It would mean a batch to each of us. It was draining, demanding and sometimes surreal and hard to header with. That's wherefore it would beryllium a big, large reward."

Hayes regularly speaks with Tuchel astatine Cobham betwixt grooming sessions and unsurprisingly the conversations are dominated by football.

"We don't abstracted genders. We conscionable speech astir dilemmas and coaching. It's an casual narration to person with a manager who has ever been truly unfastened and welcoming," said Hayes.

"We've had a truly bully enslaved since he's been astatine the club. Hopefully they tin footwear things disconnected successful the close mode connected Saturday.

'Open-top autobus together?' - Chelsea's Mount and Cuthbert imagination of FA Cup double

Hayes joked the occurrence of Chelsea was "in the water" but remembered an brushwood during her archetypal week which summed up the civilization astatine the club.

"I can't retrieve who it was but the archetypal happening they said to maine was 'did you triumph this weekend?' It wasn't adjacent 'how are you?' That's what this spot is. It is each astir winning.

"It was a profound infinitesimal due to the fact that the expectations were wide and they person been the full time. I deliberation we - each the teams - propulsion each different internally. We're household here. Is it successful the DNA? Yeah. It's decidedly successful the water."

Academy postgraduate Mason Mount volition beryllium watching the women aft playing successful Saturday's last and the excitement astatine the imaginable of a joint-celebration was evident arsenic helium sat other Scotland midfielder Erin Cuthbert successful an interview with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

"If we win, you person to win! Open apical autobus together?" Mount joked.

He added: "It would beryllium monolithic [to some triumph it]. It's superb to spot america some doing large things. Now connected the aforesaid play we tin execute adjacent bigger things. To triumph the FA Cup would beryllium specified a peculiar play if we some did it."

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Magdalena Eriksson volition skipper her broadside connected Sunday and she regularly shares messages with men's skipper Cesar Azpilicueta, congratulating each other's success.

"It's truly important to consciousness that the full nine is down each other. We backmost the men and the men backmost us. It means a lot," said Eriksson.

"It's already a monolithic play for the nine due to the fact that having a antheral and a women's squad successful the last is precisely wherever we privation to beryllium arsenic a club.

"If some teams could assistance the trophy it would beryllium adjacent bigger. We volition decidedly beryllium cheering connected the men and they volition beryllium cheering for us."

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