CDC vaccine advisers voted in favor of boosters for 5 - 11-year-olds

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(CNN)Vaccine advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted 11-1, with 1 abstention Thursday to enactment recommending a booster dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds, which the US Food and Drug Administration authorized earlier this week.

The proposal they voted connected was: "A azygous Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine booster dose is recommended for persons ages 5-11 years astatine slightest 5 months aft the superior series, nether the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization."

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The CDC's Advisory Committee connected Immunization Practices endorsed the booster for children astatine slightest 5 months aft they received their two-dose series. This would beryllium a 3rd dose for steadfast children and a 4th dose for children who are immunocompromised.

The committee voted for the booster aft proceeding details astir Pfizer's exertion to the FDA to grow entree to the boosters for this property group. Waning antibody levels person been seen successful children who person received a superior vaccination series, and booster doses achieved antibody levels higher than what was seen aft the superior series.

The institution said information from its objective trials showed it raised Omicron-fighting antibodies by 36 times successful this property group. The proceedings that included 4,500 children ages 5 done 11 saw nary caller information issues, according to the company.

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"Overall, the benefits of Covid vaccines proceed to outweigh the risks arsenic we proceed to see, careless of what property radical is highlighted, receipt of the Covid vaccine superior bid continues to beryllium critically important for the prevention of terrible Covid-19 morbidity and mortality and wide Covid-19 vaccine booster doses person been shown to summation extortion against each outcomes successful those 12 and over," said Dr. Sara Oliver, a pediatric infectious illness specializer and the pb for the Covid-19 vaccines ACIP Work Group. "It's apt that children ages 5 done 11 would payment from a Covid-19 vaccine booster dose."

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been tough connected kids. Studies from the New York State Department of Health and the CDC recovered that the effectiveness of 2 doses of Pfizer's vaccine for children ages 5 to 12 fell importantly during the Omicron surge, falling from 68% to astir 12% against infection. Two doses of the vaccine did look to support kids retired of the hospital.

While not astatine the aforesaid levels arsenic during the Omicron wave, Covid-19 cases among children person been increasing. The fig of caller Covid-19 cases among children successful the US grew astir 76% past week from 2 weeks prior, the American Academy of Pediatrics said Monday.

According to the latest study from the CDC, 1,547 children person died of Covid-19 successful the US and 364 of them were successful the 5-11 year-old property range.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that astir 13.2 cardinal kids successful the US person tested affirmative for Covid-19 during the pandemic, with much than 5.3 cardinal of those cases coming this year. Those numbers are astir apt undercounted, arsenic investigating has fallen disconnected successful overmuch of the country.

Looking astatine physics wellness records, with much than 700,000 doses administered, determination were nary existent information problems recovered with the Pfizer vaccine successful children, according to a presumption fixed to the committee.

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Anaphylaxis rates successful children ages 5-11 pursuing the Pfizer vaccination were comparable to the complaint seen successful radical ages 12 and older. In the 3 months aft the archetypal vaccine series, determination were 10 imaginable cases of myocarditis oregon pericarditis, some types of bosom inflammation, but 4 of those cases were determined not beryllium related to the vaccination, the CDC said successful its presentation.

"The wide representation is that myocarditis associated with mRNA vaccination comparative to viral myocarditis tends to beryllium clinically mild and patients person bully prognosis and a reasonably abbreviated betterment period," the CDC's Dr. Tom Shimabukuro told the committee.

The rates were besides little successful this property radical than were seen successful adolescence. The complaint was besides little aft a booster dose.

Most children, if they experienced immoderate problems with the vaccine were considered non-serious, similar symptom astatine the injection site. This was akin to adults' absorption aft their 2nd dose.

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Vaccination is an important extortion for children. The hazard of dying from Covid-19 for children 12 years and older successful February of 2020 was 20 times higher among unvaccinated children, compared to those with the superior vaccine bid and a booster dose.

While scientists initially believed that Covid-19 didn't interaction children astir arsenic overmuch arsenic it did adults, deaths from Covid-19 successful 5 -11-year-olds were greater than for a fig of different pediatric vaccine preventable diseases. In 2020, it was 1 of the starring causes of decease for children successful this property range.

"It's important to item that vaccine sum for these different conditions, these different diseases, is comparatively high, indicating that astir parents judge vaccination for Hepatitis A, meningococcal, varicella, rubella and rotavirus adjacent though deaths from these diseases are comparatively rare," said Dr. Matt Daley, who is seat of the COVID 19 vaccines workgroup and a elder researcher with the Institute for Health Research Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

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Parents should besides support successful caput that a kid who gets Covid-19 can, similar adults, make long-Covid, Daley said, adjacent aft a kid has a mild lawsuit of Covid-19. Long Covid symptoms tin past for years aft the archetypal infection. People who were antecedently vaccinated were little apt to person symptoms betwixt 12 and 20 weeks aft corruption compared to those that were unvaccinated, the CDC said.

Children ages 5 - 11 were besides the astir susceptible property radical to make multisystem inflammatory syndrome successful children, besides known arsenic MIS-C, a uncommon but superior Covid-19-related condition. Among this property group, determination person been 3,800 MIS-C cases and 16 deaths, according to the CDC's presentation.

"Data bash not suggest imaginable information concerns regarding a Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine booster for children 5 to 7 years of property beyond those antecedently identified successful older property groups," said Dr. Helen Keipp Talbot successful her information findings presumption to the committee.

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Talbot was the 1 adept who voted against the booster dose for this property group. While she is successful favour of vaccinating children against Covid-19, she thinks nationalist wellness leaders should ore connected the debased vaccination complaint among this property radical alternatively of focusing connected boosters.

"I truly privation children to beryllium vaccinated," said Talbot, an subordinate prof of medicine astatine Vanderbilt University. "We truly request to walk our clip and effort connected educating the 70% who person not been (vaccinated). Boosters are large erstwhile we've got everyone their archetypal circular and I deliberation that needs to beryllium a priority."

In the 5-11 property group, lone 35% of children person had 1 dose and lone 28% are afloat vaccinated according to the CDC.

Following the ACIP vote, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky volition determine whether to motion disconnected connected the ACIP recommendation.

Walensky, who gave opening remarks successful the gathering advocated for much radical of each ages to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

"There are excessively galore who bash not person the extortion indispensable arsenic we look yet different summation successful cases and hospitalizations," she told the committee. "We each hoped to ne'er spot the decease tolls emergence this high, reaching a fig that was unfathomable erstwhile we archetypal learned of this virus."

"The sadness I consciousness for lives lost, the families devastated and the communities changed is steep," Walensky added. "We person the tools we request to support these radical from terrible illness and forestall immoderate much tragic deaths."